Vasectomy services in Leschenault

A vasectomy is the only permanent form of contraception for men. It is a safer and simpler procedure than female sterilisation and less expensive.

Dr Hein Gildenhuys has many years of experience in performing this procedure and is the only GP in our team to perform these.

How do I book?

You can book your initial consultation online through our website by selecting the vasectomy initial consultation appointment type or call our reception team.

Once deciding to proceed with the vasectomy after your consultation you will need to book through our receptionists to ensure the appropriate booking time is given and a procedure room is available. We accept both new and existing patients.

What is the cost?

(All fees must be paid on the day of consultation, Medicare rebates are instant with our tyro machines at front reception)

Initial consultation                                                               $160.75

Rebate from Medicare                                                        $80.10


Vasectomy Procedure                                                         $560.00

Rebate from Medicare                                                         $215.10


Total out of pocket costs for patient after rebates           $475.55

What’s involved in the initial consultation?

All patients will require an initial consultation to discuss the procedures, perform a brief medical examination if necessary, and to give patients the opportunity to have any questions answered prior to the procedure. Partners are welcome to attend the initial consultation if desired.

If patients then want to proceed, the procedure is then booked and performed by Dr Hein Gildenhuys on a separate day to the initial consultation. You will be provided with pre and post care instructions at your initial consultation.

What’s involved in the procedure?

The Procedure will be booked with Dr Gildenhuys and an assisting treatment room nurse. Please allow at least 40 minutes for the procedure. In most cases it is safe to drive to and from the surgery, unless you are prone to fainting or sedation is given, in this case we recommend arranging a list to and from the appointment.

You will be required to sign consent forms prior to the procedure and also be given post care instructions to follow at home.

Our Team

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